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  • Setting Up Your Planner for a Great Year

    Setting Up Your Planner for a Great Year

    We’re a few of weeks into the new year… Have you found your planner groove yet? I have to be honest, my planner has stayed mostly the same for several years, and while it works, I’m trying to think of something else I can add or change to help make our days run more smooth.

    Here’s the thing though… Even when I do change my planner up (new dividers, adding a kit, etc), I find that the basics stay the same, and I thought I’d share those with you today!

    Here are the top THREE must-haves in my planner:

    1. Yearly Overview – I throw the Year on Two Page (January-June on the front, July-December on the back) in my monthly section and reference it regularly, sometimes to reference what day of the week a date falls on and SOOO often when I’m dating our inserts! It’s a definite must have!
    2. Weekly Inserts – These are my current faves because I have a place for tracking appointments and commitments, my weekly and daily to do list, cleaning tasks AND our meal plan all in one section! So functional! These weekliesare another fave, and I have them in another section of my planner so I can still use some stickers each week! 😉
    3. Monthly Task Trackers – I have two different trackers in my planner right now… One for tracking our monthly bills and one for monthly cleaning tasks. While I don’t necessarily do everything on my cleaning checklist every. single. month. (bills have to be paid monthly, go figure), it is helpful to see when I’ve last done something so things don’t go tooooo long without being done.

    What is the number one insert you have in your planner? Do you use your planner mostly for lists making and checking off, appointment tracking, random note taking? I’d love to know what you have in your planner!

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