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  • NEW Sew Much Crafting Printables Shop

    NEW Sew Much Crafting Printables Shop

    Hi friends!!

    You may remember that we took a survey way back when, and so many of you shared that you would like to see printables in our shop.

    You may not know that Sew Much Crafting actually began as a printables shop in 2014 when our first baby was born. My husband and I both desired for me to be a stay-at-home mommy, and this business was born around the time Hannah (now five!) was born.

    After offering only printables for the first few months, so. many. people. requested that we print and ship inserts, so we dove head first into learning how to provide the best printed inserts on the market. From paper choices to machinery (believe it or not, we used to spend hours punching inserts by hand with a six-hole punch!), we have grown so much in the last five years.

    All that being said, we've decided to open a SEPARATE printables shop for those of our customers who live overseas (shipping is killer!) or who really, really prefer printable inserts. Our specialty is still printed inserts (and they're not going anywhere), but we want to offer printables for those of you who want them.

    Just a few things to note:

    • We did NOT get to all the inserts in all the sizes (we have over 300 items in our printed shop), but we will continue working to add more.
    • We did our best to format inserts correctly, but our sweet spot is printing inserts (and printables are VERY different). If you find a glitch with printing, please send me a message through our printable Etsy shop and we'll work through it.
    • We also designed the inserts assuming our printable customers would be familiar with printing inserts. These are designed to print with "short-edge binding" if you have duplex printer, so be sure to update your settings if you choose to print duplex.

    Please let me know if you have any questions! I've limited the quantity available in order to make sure things are running smoothly, so if you don't see what you're looking for, send me a message!

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