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  • FREE Weekly Meal Planning Printables

    Free Meal Planning Printables

    Hi friends!! SOOOOO many of you have come here from Pinterest, looking for some free meal planning printables. I *just* finally figured out how to redirect some things from our old website to this new one, so I apologize if you haven't found these printables before! I am working on some of the old links still, so if you can't find what you're after, send me a message and I will see what we can do!

    I originally shared these free printables back in 2013 - WOAH, that was a couple minutes ago! 😉 These meal planning printables are perfect to laminate or slip in a sheet protector and throw on your fridge for quick reference through the week.

    I personally like planning our meal plan out two or three weeks at a time so we can do bulk grocery shopping, but I also like to update it on a weekly basis in case we didn't eat something from the week before {please tell me I'm not alone here!}.

    Simply click on the pictures or links below, and you'll be redirected to Google Docs. From there, you can print or save the PDF version of our meal plan to help you in planning your family's meals!

    free meal planning printables

    free meal planning printables

    The first picture or link will take you to a meal plan that has one empty box for each day... If you only plan dinners for your family, this one is for you! The bottom picture or link has three lines - one for breakfast, lunch and dinner... If you're super organized, this one is for you!

    I recommend printing a copy and sliding it into a sheet protector or having it laminated... Then you can use a Vis-a-Vis Marker and re-use the printable!

    Alrighty, friends... Your turn! Do you plan your family's meals weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or when you get home from work {I won't judge!}?! What works best for you?

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    • Kathrine Church says...

      I have used your monthly planner since you first posted them way back but the computer they are downloaded to has crashed leaving me with no planners. Do you still have the monthly one on your site somewhere? I love them!!!

      June 10, 2021

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