Create your dream planner system today! Create your dream planner system today!
  • Four Steps for Creating a Planner System that Works for YOU

    Four Steps for Creating a Planner System that Works for YOU

    If you're tired of your planner not working for you, it's probably time to create a new system.

    I like to think of my planner as a toolbox with tools inside that will HELP free up space in my brain so I can use that space making memories with the people I love.

    Here are four steps to help you create a planner that will work for YOU:

    1. Grab a piece of paper and do a giant brain dump. Write everything that comes to mind that you want out of your mind down on that paper. Don't overthink it, we'll get to the organizing part later. Just get it out. Meal plans, appointments, things you need to do, goals for each week, etc.
    2. Grab a new piece of paper and start organizing your brain dump. It doesn't need to be pretty, just look at your original list and start organizing it onto a new piece of paper.
    3. Look at your organized brain dump and analyze. Did you list all the days of the week on the paper and then add appointments and to dos for each day, or did you list appointments in one spot and make a to do list on the side? Did you put your weekly meal plan in one section all on it's own, or did you list each day's dinner on the day of the week you want to fix it? Again, don't overthink it, just take an overall look at what you did (this will help you figure out how your brain works best!).
    4. Use what you found to create your new system. If you put all of your dinner ideas in one section, you might like having inserts that list your dinner plans in one spot while your appointments are separate. If you have dinner listed for each day, you might prefer a regular Week on Two Page set that has plenty of space for appointments, to dos and dinner. Look at your list again. Did you list "make your bed" or "exercise" under each day, or did you throw those tasks in one spot with room to check it off each day? You might need a section in your planner for a weekly checklist so you can keep track of those things without cluttering your daily appointment section. The possibilities are endless.

    It seems so obvious, but no two people are the same... So it would make sense to think that one planner won't work the same way for two different people. You might like your week to start on a Monday while your planner bestie prefers a Sunday start. Or you might like having a monthly overview of appointments and sports practices while seeing all of that on one page might overwhelm your neighbor!

    Neither way is right or wrong, but the beauty of creating your own system is that you can find and use what works for you. Your priorities and commitments are different from anyone else, and that's what is perfectly wonderful about us all.

    Let me know how you prefer to plan... Do you like a weekly overview with your meal plan in a different section, or do you like to see it all on one page? Do you like to turn the page at the end of a day and start over with a clean slate, or do you prefer seeing your whole week at one time?

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